The VERY moment you start to heal in a battle royale. 

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When your entire team is fighting but you're in a corner somewhere.

Oddwin - 19

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Jul 18, 2021




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Adam Azaiez
Adam Azaiez 2 hours ago
Remember to shield swap kids
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez 3 hours ago
Yeah I definitely hate it when it takes so freaking long to heal 😑
maginasu kun
maginasu kun 3 hours ago
Hey there Caleb I got plenty of many of healz for you lots of healz for you don't u wanna know just how many of other healz u can doooo
CoolLightning88 4 hours ago
I like how caleb has the "exit button sequence" memorized lol
Suri 6 hours ago
That very thing happened to me.
Zentingo 6 hours ago
Hes hacking u got 1 shoted
GalaxR D.
GalaxR D. 7 hours ago
How fast he left the game though that soo accurate 😂
Chris Gallaga
Chris Gallaga 7 hours ago
lol, the guy at the end. " -_- wooooow"
duckduckdynasty 7 hours ago
Do people still play br?!
Toker2005 9 hours ago
The Phoenix kit down side... ten seconds to fully use it.
GuyWithTheHair24 10 hours ago
Gotta wonder how this will age once Seer drops. 👀🤦
God of Destruction
God of Destruction 10 hours ago
2 words.. *Phoenix Kit*
DALLASBELT 18 hours ago
Good microphone that you didn't even lowered it 😅
samxz thapa
samxz thapa 19 hours ago
manz leeft the game faster than my girlfriend left me
Among Us Clips
Among Us Clips 21 hour ago
So no ones gonna talk about how good the graphics are
Jojo Pose
Jojo Pose 21 hour ago
Be the time you heal your squad is dead
darkcherufe 2861
darkcherufe 2861 21 hour ago
the insta leave got me xD
caleb chitambira
Read the name bro
da juggernuat147
U know what’s funny most of the time my team dies when I’m healing especially in Apex it’s soo annoying 💀💀💀
Agent K
Agent K Day ago
It's more tilting when you tell the squad "I'm healing" and they decide, "let's engage the enemy squad with one man down (cuz they think they hot shit)" then expect you to cover they ass after the enemy squad brought the heat. Then blame you for not getting a dub in a 1v4 encounter. Do I sound hurt? Cuz I very much am. (:
Zombie Boss63
He left so fast I did that before
Hybrid Upoar
Hybrid Upoar Day ago
That's why I like fortnites healing mechanics
Team down, use self revive let go at the last second while character is standing and drop back down again because you let go early then get clapped when you try again😭😭
Trap Day ago
Man that leave game is just muscle memory
꧁ astro tyler ꧂
this is literally so accurate
when im doing surgery with a surviv12 in tarkov and the raiders start pulling a blitzkrieg on my team
Ayo S
Ayo S Day ago
This is exactly what would happen
BarbiqueRibs Day ago
thats how my freind be in fortnite he says im trash when he got down?
Jonathan Carrasquillo
Why did you quit the mock bootcamp?
Disco Guy
Disco Guy Day ago
Bruh literally me
CrestSzn Day ago
sammy by grace
Spooked Day ago
I feel like the moral here is don’t trash talk or else everyone everywhere will murder you
l33tsold34 Day ago
Not to be that guy but... no cap, i kinda want that water bottle he got lol that thermos looking like my water would stay icy all day foreal 😅😅
Pickle reacts
Pickle reacts 2 days ago
Bra he can’t hear you with your mic on mute 😂😂😂😂😂
keith smith
keith smith 2 days ago
Accidentally cancelling a Phoenix kit in the last tenth of a second is worse than getting COVID.
MKB the KID Day ago
And the new legend is all about canceling heals lol
StarDrows 32
StarDrows 32 2 days ago
“If you move you’re trash” make sense he died instantly
Tragic - PG3D
Tragic - PG3D 2 days ago
marine bootcamp
nararya nalakanta
caleb is actually twice from MHA
Nile Garner
Nile Garner 2 days ago
This is facts bro
Tufukins 2 days ago
Those were melee fingers at the end
Aaron Hunter
Aaron Hunter 2 days ago
ah yes the 4 frame "Exit game" to 'uninstall" a classic
Reddhotsauce YT
Reddhotsauce YT 2 days ago
🔥Bro this is one of the best skit actors on YT I swear🥫
King Panda
King Panda 2 days ago
*Spends the entire time healing* *gets shot, dies instantly*
Jordan White
Jordan White 2 days ago
Some Random Person
He forgot the "bro ur trash why didnt you push?"
Nathan Clyde Bolla
That leave speed tho..... wraith main...
D Brooks
D Brooks 2 days ago
It was the *leave game* for me
Heybert Flexworthy
i swear on left for dead you go heal and all hell breaks loose and you get pounced right after
Mr Cotan
Mr Cotan 2 days ago
My guy left so fast
DSWAYY 2 days ago
I hate self promoters but I create funny shii just like the bro Caleb , check me out!
Geremiah Starks
Geremiah Starks 2 days ago
D3IM0S R3īNS 2 days ago
You stop healing to save the squad, then after you win the battle another squad pulls up you die first and they ask why you didn’t heal 😂
CrimsonV3TS 2 days ago
This is Exactly how it feels using a Phoenix kit on Apex
Tim Felix
Tim Felix 2 days ago
Nothing is more rage-worthy then when your healing then get killed .
Joseph Gardei
Joseph Gardei 2 days ago
If only you took the time to use a med kit, you might of had a chance.
Conrad Brown
Conrad Brown 2 days ago
the wow at the end got me loooool
Eternal Enigma
Eternal Enigma 2 days ago
Aye gone head add me buddy boii @finalintuition
Umut Sama
Umut Sama 2 days ago
Seems like olympus
shumai 2 days ago
Bloodhound and Phoenix Kits :/
999 3 days ago
Bro he left that game so fast
kurama Uzumaki
kurama Uzumaki 3 days ago
this is so true this always happens to me in apex
TheArk Angel902
TheArk Angel902 3 days ago
Thanks for the video! Keep up the good work!
jokingfiddle65 _
jokingfiddle65 _ 3 days ago
Imagine disliking a calebcity video? Could not be me
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould 3 days ago
Truth except that at the extract moment your about to be done you get hit by a stray bullet and lose all your progress
ZeroArtisan 3 days ago
Reflex quit, very cool.
MidnightFire TXLKD
I legitimately today because I haven’t played in so long I forgot that I could build in Fortnite and I got a headshot sniped my team got clapped because my friend hasn’t played the game in a long time to by long time I mean for one season I mean I did play for the first month of the last season but after that I have been played for 7 to 6 months
Richard Mallard
Richard Mallard 3 days ago
When you realize that in an alternate universe Caleb's point of view is the squad they just clapped before
Anthony Blake
Anthony Blake 3 days ago
I'm dead 🤣this dude is always consistently funny.
Samuel 3 days ago
Print show me is reacting to you go check out prince charming it’s his birthday
Green 3 days ago
those be the longest 5 seconds i swear
AIB 3 days ago
Mark 3 days ago
This is why i never use a phoenix kit.
The Phantom Master
😆 🤣 😂
cxramel 3 days ago
me: healing because im lowkey on 10hp every enemy nearby: i have now received the exact, specific coordinates of your location, and am currently traveling to, how you say, clap your buttocks
Zombilicious VII
Zombilicious VII 3 days ago
That moment when your heart drops out your ass.
Tyreece Thomas
Tyreece Thomas 3 days ago
Why are u so good at making me laugh bro 🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Br Uh
Br Uh 3 days ago
Ohhh, so that’s the other pov
JohnnyDebt 3 days ago
Record breaking speeds quitting the game 😂
Silent KillerGaming
I'm Dying🤣🤣🤣 I love when he died he instantly quit HAHAHAHHA.
Rahkeem Ray
Rahkeem Ray 3 days ago
It’s the healing animation for me thought of apex immediately
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 3 days ago
NinjaKnight671 4 days ago
It killed me when he suddenly quit the match mid-down cutting his friend off mid-scream
Caped Baldy Saitama
Bow Lee
Bow Lee 4 days ago
Bruh I got recommended this way right after I got fucked over when popping a batt on apex 😂
Man 4 days ago
This relates to me on a spiritual level
R33L Sniper
R33L Sniper 4 days ago
**Game is quiet for 20 mins** Me: starts to put on armor plat-*teammate down sound*
Basic Egg
Basic Egg 4 days ago
so true
49ersBoss 4 days ago
0:20 the blue "shield?" bar is filling up, juicing on the wrong thing caleb smh
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 days ago
This isn’t as bad as when I’m resurrected on Valorant then die immediately after...sorry Sage :(
Mr.Cyrus Allen
Mr.Cyrus Allen 4 days ago
This was so funny!!
Thomas Machado
Thomas Machado 4 days ago
Cerulean Mr. AL
Cerulean Mr. AL 4 days ago
This is one of the reasons why I could never get into shooters. People get killed so quickly.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 4 days ago
that phoenix kit really do be like that. 8 sec full shield and health
Mr. Anti Socialist
ironically just got off apex
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice 4 days ago
Battle royal games are dookie
Whatchu lookin at🔥
Reid gideon
Reid gideon 4 days ago
I still cant believe that this dude almost died when he was like 10.
Lienom Zekon
Lienom Zekon 2 days ago
@Francisco Rivas your pfp matches this comment hahahah
Francisco Rivas
Francisco Rivas 3 days ago
Enchanter110 4 days ago
Super Human Interview 3?
Foreign Films
Foreign Films 4 days ago
Sooooo we not going to talk about how he talking to his teammates with his mic up/muted 😂😂😂😂 PS. Video funny asf though 💀
Rau Caine
Rau Caine 4 days ago
Hahahah. The rq.
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